Today’s CEO: Seeking Profitable Growth through Supply Chain Excellence – Part Three

Part Two covered the CEO’s concern with reputation…

Part Three: CEOs Need to Remove Barriers to Grow Profits

Simply put, CEO’s are high stakes players. They are the leaders willing to take risks in order to move their business to the next level. The CEO sees his or her company as a money-making machine, and the goal is simple. Sustain maximized output with the least amount of input. So, how do companies grow and increase profits?

Because there are so many intricacies within the supply chain, many CEOs are unaware of barriers in the supply chain that can prevent profitable business expansion. For example, rising shipping costs could be hindering sales growth by preventing service to potential buyers in specific geographic regions, both domestic and international. CEOs can address these barriers by aligning their logistics team with a Co-managed Logistics model third party logistics (3PL) provider. This model allows CEOs and their teams to take advantage of the 3PL’s systems, tools and expertise to learn about new markets and keep shipping rates competitive while maintaining complete control of all supply chain decisions.

Leading 3PLs provide visibility to routes, lanes, products and pricing within the supply chain through application of supply chain expertise and implementation of robust technology. A Transportation Management System (TMS) allows your logistics team to have the necessary data to make better decisions faster. These decisions include choosing least cost carriers, best transit time, and tracking and tracing shipments.

CEOs want to put their teams in a position that help them make the company successful. Partnering with a co-managed 3PL to develop a forward-thinking supply chain strategy provides companies the best opportunity to remove barriers to significant profit growth.

Part Four concludes the series with winning through logistics excellence…

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