Today’s CEO: Seeking Profitable Growth through Supply Chain Excellence – Part Two

Part one covered CEOs setting the direction for the company.

Part Two: CEOs Protect the Reputation of the Business

CEOs are the face of the company at conferences, trade associations and in publications. Their messages are crafted to build and protect the brand and the company’s reputation. If they are asked how the company’s logistics staff protects the company’s reputation, what would their answer be?

The CEO should be able to answer with confidence that his or her company employs a supply chain strategy that ensures the best possible customer experience. CEOs need people to make supply chain decisions that build the company’s reputation and eliminate customer service problems such as delays and higher product costs.

With that in mind, protecting the company also means partnering with companies that have a history of dependability. The best third-party logistics (3PL) providers offer essential core and value-added services to help you execute a total supply chain strategy that ensures your company has a valued reputation in the marketplace. A 3PL operating under a Co-managed LogisticsTM model delivers support each day to help your logistics team execute supply chain tasks with excellence. While these 3PLs make recommendations and provide you the best choices in technology and services, your logistics department retains total decision-making control over the customer experience.

Many CEOs today, however, will insist that internal logistics staff actively manages the shipping function and not give a vendor decision-making authority. Selecting a co-managed 3PL keeps decision-making power in your logistics team’s hands while providing knowledge and resources that protect your company’s reputation and enhance customer service levels. Logistics providers using the co-managed model provide the actionable, accurate information needed for making truly informed business decisions to entrench a positive company image.

Part Three will talk about removing barriers to growing profits….

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