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Rick ZaffaranoAbout Rick ZaffaranoVice President, Consumer Products Solutions

With more than 30 years of experience in distribution operations, logistics and supply chain management for the food, fresh logistics and consumer packaged goods industries, Rick Zaffarano brings to Transportation Insight a passion for combining deep data analysis with creative ideas to craft effective end-to-end supply chain solutions. A proven leader and seasoned supply chain executive, Zaffarano delivers strategies and processes to help companies reduce landed cost and improve supply chain control, real-time visibility and chain of custody awareness from suppliers, carriers and distribution centers to the end customer.

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Food for Thought – Smarter Logistics Strategies to Keep the Shelves Stocked

The grocery industry shares a long history with the logistics and distribution industry – and for good reason. Keeping stores properly stocked with fresh food, packaged products and household goods – many of which travel long distances and are subject … Read more