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Rick BrumettAbout Rick BrumettVice President, Client Solutions

Rick Brumett may not have written the book on end-to-end supply chain solutions, but he could have. Rick has more than 30 years of logistics and supply chain management experience at companies such as Wal-Mart and ABF Freight System. Rick, a consummate professional and gentleman, offers a helping hand to just about anyone he meets. His expert-level knowledge of global transportation networks, warehousing and retail distribution makes a significant impact for our clients. Rick received his MBA from the University of Arkansas and is regarded by those who know him as a man of family and faith.

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trade compliance and tariffs

China Tariffs Drive Need for Mindful Trade Compliance

Right now, there are tariffs in place or pending to December on about $500 million in annual U.S. imports from China. The United States-China trade dispute escalated in August with an increase in existing and future tariffs on Chinese imports … Read more

Trade Compliance Process

Trade Compliance Process is Critical in Volatile Marketplace

Talk of tariffs and trade wars between the U.S. and its trading partners – especially China – continues to capture headlines across the international trade landscape. While this is not a completely new development, the volatility in the trade compliance … Read more

Global Trade E-Commerce Brumett

Tackle Global Trade Uncertainty With Enterprise Logistics Solutions

With tariffs and the threat of trade wars looming, global commerce has never been more uncertain. Moreover, the pace of change will only accelerate with unrelenting pressure to develop agile and responsive supply chains to support domestic and global e-commerce.… Read more


In the World of Global E-Commerce, Rules Rule

Balanced Approach Supply Chain

Balance: The Key to Successful International Shipping

International shipping can be a distressing experience in today’s environment. Carrier instability, carrier alliances, peak season capacity issues, port issues − all increase risk in global commerce. Added to cost and service issues, what happens if something goes awry and … Read more