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John RichardsonAbout John RichardsonVice President, Supply Chain Analytics

Not sure what the data is telling you? Ask John Richardson. John has been managing and executing complex supply chain optimizations including network designs, optimal inventory deployments and transportation optimizations for nearly two decades. John leads our Supply Chain Analytics group that partners with our clients to design and implement innovative supply chain solutions by merging deep data analysis with a continuous improvement mindset. A former United States Marine Corps First Lieutenant and a member of the National Eagle Scout Association, John earned his BS in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University and his MBA with a concentration in Finance from the University of Memphis. When he’s not crunching numbers, John appreciates the outdoors with his wife and two children, plays the acoustic guitar and enjoys scuba diving.

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consequences of delivery

Avoid Delivery Disaster with Actionable Intelligence

Customer experience increasingly relies on an organization’s ability to provide seamless product delivery. Disruption anywhere in the order-to-cash cycle sparks negative consequences. If calamity occurs at points closest to the end consumer, where public scrutiny is highest, satisfaction scores jeopardize … Read more

Consumers, Cash and Carbon- A Challenging Balance blog

Consumers, Cash and Carbon: A Challenging Balance

Last Sunday, I pulled into my neighborhood behind a U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery truck. It stopped at one of eight houses on my short street to deliver one package that the resident had likely ordered from Amazon. This event … Read more

Supply Chain Optimization

Supply Chain Optimization: When is the right time?

How do you know when you should engage in a supply chain optimization exercise? Many companies are unsure of the value, and they’re reluctant to invest the time, resources and funds required, despite a typical payback period of less than … Read more

Game Changer for the Supply Chain: Analytics & LEAN

Data is everywhere up and down the supply chain, yet many companies don’t utilize it to its full potential. Information comes from systems like enterprise resource planning (ERP), transportation management systems (TMS) and Warehouse Management; from processes within manufacturing, logistics … Read more


What is Cost to Serve?

Cost to Serve is the analysis and quantification of all the activities and costs incurred to fulfill customer demand for a product through the supply chain. You must have an accurate Cost to Serve for current customers and products in … Read more