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Gene SmithAbout Gene SmithDirector of Operations, Packaging Solutions

Gene Smith has more than 30 years of experience as a packaging professional, specializing in operations, spend analysis, benchmarking, implementation and supplier management, along with specific expertise in commodity price trends, RFP development and contract management.

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Uncover Indirect Spend

Indirect Spend: Harvest Savings, Improve Competitive Advantage

Profit hides in Indirect Spend. When it comes to finding and protecting that profit, there are two challenges. The first is recovering profit from under-managed spend. The second: creating a competitive advantage from the strategic management of spend.

Why does… Read more
Importance of Secondary Packaging

Exploring the Importance and Challenges of Secondary Packaging

The e-commerce explosion is leaving retailers scrambling to differentiate themselves through excellent customer experiences. Think about it. In a traditional store, a brand that focuses on offering deeply personal, nuanced services can do so through interpersonal interactions and amenities. How … Read more