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Parcel Logistics in 2019

Top 5 Insights for Parcel Logistics in 2019

Parcel shipping continues to claim a larger share of the transportation market as manufacturers and retailers respond to consumer demands. Globally, annual volume could exceed 100 billion parcels by 2020. More companies are coming to understand the role that parcel … Read more

Is Your Parcel Shipping Program Ready for the Holiday Rush?

Supply Chain Visibility

In the Supply Chain, It’s All about the Ecosystem

Everyone faces an important decision each time they make an investment in a computer or a mobile device: which operating system best fits my business needs and personal preferences so I can operate most seamlessly in my day-to-day workflow?

Windows, … Read more


Responding to Global Shifts in Supply Chain and Parcel Platforms Requires Clarity, Analysis, Intelligence

Continuing changes in the end-to-end supply chain, including recent updates in the small-package shipping world, are making headlines this week, and they are adding an additional layer of complexity for shippers that requires closer analysis of package size and transportation … Read more

Retail Digital Commerce

Retail’s Tipping Point: What’s the Big Deal? Part 2

Previously, we recognized that as retailers grapple with so many “big deals,” the vastly expanding digital commerce landscape means they increasingly face greater challenges to keep up with consumer desires for choice, convenience and delivery speed.

As the “Amazon effect” … Read more