Parcel/Small Package Solutions

Parcel/Small Package Solutions

Drive success through a proprietary, proven process.

Our team of parcel logistics experts has one focus: maximize the level of service your customers receive with the minimum level of required resources. With a diagnose first, prescribe later approach to designing best-in-class parcel logistics programs, we carefully examine where you are now and where you want to be. Only when we understand that gap do we go to work using a suite of tools, technology and insight unmatched in the logistics industry to develop a parcel solution that improves your customer’s experience and drives profitability throughout your enterprise logistics.

While the optimization of your parcel logistics program can be very complex behind the scenes, it boils down to a three-step proven process:

Solutions Assessment
We learn your current state and clearly identify your financial goals, your customer service needs and your logistics requirements.

Program Analysis and Design
We leverage our industry knowledge and proprietary technology to carefully analyze all aspects of your parcel program.

Once design is complete, we help you manage RFPs and optimize your platform to best meet your customers’ needs.

The talented engineers and analysts that develop and implement our Parcel Solutions are always thinking of ways they can enable your parcel program to operate at an even higher level.

  • Analyze and interpret volumes of shipping data
  • Clarify pricing, terms and conditions
  • Model network scenarios
  • Identify areas of opportunity
  • Streamline your procurement process

Once we collaborate with you to identify the top opportunities, we develop a roadmap, a clearly defined project plan and an implementation strategy that delivers results.

  • Carrier selection: global and regional
  • Competitive agreement optimization
  • Subsidized shipping modelling
  • Regional carrier analysis
  • Mode optimization – LTL vs. CWT
  • Pool distribution

As the only parcel logistics solutions provider that undergoes an annual SSAE16 Type II third-party compliance audit, we’ve got the auditing of complex parcel invoices down to a science.We check everything to make sure you’re getting the service you selected at your contracted price. A sampling…

  • Invoice Audits: rates, manifested not shipped, address corrections, residential adjustments, duplicate charges
  • Service Audits: guaranteed service, Saturday pickup and/or delivery, early AM, invalid pickup, lost and damaged packages
  • Compliance Audits: 3rd party compliance, improper account usage, inbound monitoring, routing compliance, declared value

Small Package Claims and Recovery

In the unfortunate event when something goes wrong with a shipment, we have a nose for getting to the root cause of why your packages arrive damaged or not at all. Our claims specialists collaborate with the carriers to take the recovery process all the way to package and/or fund reimbursement. Nobody else in our industry goes that far.

If you’re willing to invest in next-generation business intelligence, our Advanced Analytics can deliver the ultimate in parcel data visibility.

  • Set and analyze customer service goals through average time in transit data.
  • Monitor expenses by reviewing financial data with period comparison dashboards. Analyze trends and expense drivers like: fuel, accessorials, zones and weight classes.
  • Review operational efficiency by comparing costs and productivity DC to DC.
  • Get line-of-sight into your carrier services by reviewing on-time performance metrics, spend trends, cost per package averages and air/ground utilization details.
  • Manage vendor compliance to reduce fraud.
Advanced Analytics

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