The Co-managed Approach

What is so different about the approach of Co-managed Logistics®? At the end of the day you make all the decisions. With our expert insight, tools and resources we support you in making those decisions more quickly and effectively. You make the call on who executes shipments, which carriers or modes to use and many other decisions. No one knows your business better than you, especially when it comes to servicing your customers.

There are literally thousands of 3PLs in the market today. Some offer a full range of services to one specific industry. Others serve multiple industries but only offer a certain set of services. Out of these thousands of 3PLs in the market today, very few offer the full breadth of logistics services across multiple industries like Transportation Insight.

True to our Co-managed model, our role is to support you by providing industry-leading expertise, innovative technology and best-in-class resources including freight bill auditing, rate negotiation and in-depth supply chain reporting. Learn more about how Transportation Insight brings the horsepower to you and allows your team to pull the triggers every day without disrupting existing platforms and carrier relationships.

Having logistics experts support you in day-to-day business is helpful. But we go beyond simply offering technology and reports. We constantly examine your logistics data and transportation network, looking for ways you can continuously improve your processes to positively impact your bottom line.

Read how our Co-managed approach fosters a continuous improvement mindset and spirit of innovation while reducing costs and helping one of our clients deliver at a higher level for its customers in this case study.