Defining the Co-managed Logistics® Approach

Staying Flexible So You Stay in Control

Why do some of the most progressive companies across North America resist adopting the best practices and competitive advantages associated with outsourced third-party logistics (3PL)? Perhaps they fear disruption to current operations or added risk from loss of control. Or they assume “outsourcing” must require reductions to current internal staff and the loss of in-house expertise. Historically, with most 3PL offerings, that rationale has been largely accurate.

Addressing those issues was the impetus behind the development of “Co-managed Logistics®” — the most effective and preferred method for improving supply chain performance. Co-managed Logistics, as developed and defined by Transportation Insight, is characterized by:

  • Partnership between existing in-house logistics leaders and the 3PL’s supply chain experts (does not require headcount reductions to achieve significant cost savings)
  • Third-party expertise in carrier sourcing, with Client retaining ultimate control over all logistics decisions (at the carrier or shipment level)
  • Client ownership of carrier agreements/pricing
  • Data-driven visibility across freight bill data, carrier and mode optimization, and ongoing performance against benchmarks

Helping hundreds of clients reduce supply chain cost and improve efficiency, this non-invasive, expert-consulting methodology has been a welcomed change from other 3PL approaches that detach transportation from the rest of the supply chain operations. Many who have used the approach call it “insourcing your own 3PL.”

What You Will Learn

In this session, you will learn about best practices for leveraging the expertise and partnerships of a 3PL, while maintaining control over your supply chain. The session will reveal:

  • How to make sense of the spectrum of companies that call themselves 3PLs
  • How 3PL relationships with carriers and shippers work in the logistics industry
  • What services and advantages to expect from 3PL experts, from rate negotiation to carrier selection to execution to technology
  • What logistics control should be retained by the client, the expert in their own business model
  • Case studies from manufacturers, retailers and distributors exemplifying benefits in LTL, TL and parcel optimization, from cost reduction to service improvement to process simplification

Hear from Alex Johnson, Educational Program Specialist at Transportation Insight, who will be joined by Sophie Dabbs, Vice President of Client Solutions at Transportation Insight, who will detail several case studies that show how the co-managed approach is changing the face of the 3PL landscape.

Webinar Sophie Dabbs
Sophie Dabbs
VP of Client Solutions

Alex Johnson CML WebinarAlex Johnson
Specialist – Educational Programs

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Who Should Attend

Executives, financial leaders, operations leaders, and logistics professionals from mid to large-scale manufacturing, retail, and distribution companies that have significant transportation costs as part of their overall supply chain. If you are looking for ways to gain efficiencies in transportation, you will not want to miss this informative webinar. WEBINAR SPEAKERS
Webinar Sophie DabbsSophie Dabbs
VP of Client Solutions

Alex Johnson CML WebinarAlex Johnson
Specialist – Educational Programs

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The Co-managed Logistics™ Approach

Staying Flexible So You Stay in Control

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