LEAN Certification Course

Our LEAN Certification course will help you on your LEAN journey. You will learn how to:

  • Map the process flows in your organization
  • Identify waste and prioritize areas for improvement
  • Champion projects that align to corporate goals
  • Achieve measurable results that impact your company’s performance

You will receive personalized instruction and hear about real-world applications from our continuous improvement leaders who have helped hundreds of organizations through their LEAN journeys. You’ll learn why they passionately believe the LEAN process is the only way for organizations to achieve monumental improvements in their enterprise value streams.

When you complete the course, you’ll be awarded a Continuous Improvement Green Belt that signifies a milestone in your LEAN journey and sets the stage for your continued growth.

Developing People

With an ever-changing economy and customer demands that increase each year, you constantly have to find ways to keep improving every part of your business. True change comes from the minds of your company’s greatest asset, its people. The LEAN Certification Course will help you learn the principles behind why change is necessary and how you can influence others to transform your culture from “status quo” to “high trust.” Our approach will help your team learn how to improve process across the company from the inside out.

IBL Top 12

“I feel like I have the tools that I needed, support of a sensei and peers to call on.  I have started my LEAN journey with a bang”

– Controller, Television Broadcast Company


LEAN Certification candidates should plan to complete their training over the course of three months and must meet the following requirements:

  • Be willing and have the budget to travel to off-site training activities
  • Complete reading requirements
  • Participate in three weeks of instructor-led workshops with training and simulations
  • Have the ability to participate in a Kaizen event at a dedicated facility
  • Complete the final exam, project presentation and attend the graduation ceremony

IBL Top 12

“The knowledge I obtained from these classes will continually help me into developing and promoting these programs at our plant. One of the greatest outcomes from these classes were the friendships with classmates and instructors that developed. Contacts with knowledgeable people like these are most valuable in any work force. I am so glad I attended.”

–Plant Manager, Manufacturer

Who Should Attend

We suggest LEAN Certification candidates have a background in operations, along with interpersonal skills for maximum group effectiveness. Candidates should have strong problem-solving skills and leadership skills.The target audience for the LEAN Certification course includes the following functions:

  • Continuous Improvement Leaders
  • Quality Managers
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Production Managers
  • Plant Managers
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Directors of Operations
  • Controllers

IBL Top 12

I feel very fortunate that my employer was willing to invest the time and money to allow me to be a part of this Lean Certification course.  I feel that my newly enhanced performance will have a positive impact on my company’s stakeholder value.”

– Director of Continuous Improvement, Manufacturer

What You’ll Learn

    • Session I: We’ll take a deep dive into the history of LEAN manufacturing by reviewing case studies of companies which have implemented and sustained LEAN processes. You must understand the fundamentals of LEAN in order to be successful in its implementation.You’ll go through a factory simulation and receive teaching on the art of Value Stream Mapping. We’ll also discuss how you can foster cultural change in your organization to develop a continuous improvement environment.
    • Session II: You will learn basic 5S and Standardized Work principles to promote a highly effective Kaizen process. You will work as part of a team in a three-day Kaizen event at a local manufacturing facility, where you will execute the principles you have learned. At the close of this session, we will develop more project execution skills as we discover our “Wildly Important Goals” through our Strategy Development Training.
    • Session III: During this session, we will focus on culture building as you become a LEAN leader. Learn how to build trust in your company and how to manage for daily improvement. Understand your personal profile and how to best use your strengths in your journey to implement LEAN processes.

IBL Top 12

Both theory and practice are weaved into the program in a way that will allow for the learner to implement greater continuous improvement ideas both personally and professionally.”

–Logistics Engineer, Manufacturer

LEAN Certification Course

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