Reporting & Analysis

Many of America’s business leaders lack the tools to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) within their supply chain. Are you paying too much for transportation? Is inventory having a negative impact? Is your supply chain configured to maximize profitability? Do you have access to expenditure data, exception reporting and trend identification for better financial forecasting?

With logistics costs in the United States at nearly 10% of our Gross Domestic Product (GDP), understanding your company’s supply chain costs is critical. To help guide your complex business decisions, Transportation Insight provides actionable reports, customized analytics and web-based technology that give you the vital information you need at your fingertips. Register here for a complimentary consultation with one of our business intelligence gurus about how you can make the power of our reporting work for you.

Current State

Do you know the current state of your supply chain? Executives need supply chain reporting to monitor costs and improve bottom-line profits. Sales leaders want insight into trends at the customer, location, commodity or SKU level. Finance needs reporting for accounting compliance and forecasting. And for logistics professionals, current-state supply chain knowledge supports quick decision making.
Transportation Insight provides reports that inform your logistics team how to shift freight to more economical modes and build larger, more cost-efficient shipments.
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Customized Reports 

  • Optimal freight modes (Less-than-truckload, Truckload and Parcel)
  • Aggregation opportunities (Multiple orders combined)
  • Optimal shipment routing (LTL, multi-stop, pooled distribution)
  • Carrier optimization (Cost versus service)
  • In-transit tracking

Historical Performance

Hindsight is 20-20. That’s why growing companies are using historical shipping data to identify opportunities for supply chain improvements. Transportation Insight works with you to create and measure customized key performance indicators. Dozens of automated reports identify potential savings, uncover missed opportunities and create accountability. Our business intelligence platform and technology gives you the agility to react quickly to your customers’ changing needs. As you gain historical insight, we help you design continuous improvement solutions.
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What kind of reports are in highest demand?

  • KPI analysis
  • Freight savings history
  • Least-cost carriers based on landed cost
  • Missed aggregation opportunities
  • Missed optimized modes
  • Missed shipment opportunities
  • Carrier and vendor compliance

Future State

Total supply chain costs can impact your ability to increase profits and revenue. Our forward-thinking logistics engineers help you optimize your future supply chain and grow your business by using reports that provide actionable data.

Transportation Insight’s logistics experts also conduct “what-if analysis” to provide unparalleled decision support on critical business issues. How will mergers and acquisitions impact future operations, supply chain cost and customer service? How can supply chain changes help scale the business during a high growth period? We help you get the answers you need to support your business goals.
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What kind of reports are in highest demand?

  • Proprietary modeling
  • Network rationalization
  • Advanced analytical tools