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Step One to Mitigating Risk in a Global Supply Chain? Total Visibility.

Whether it’s lead in paint on toys manufactured in China or an earthquake that temporarily shutters a factory in Japan that makes Smartphone electronic components, companies that are dependent on global supply chain channels need to maintain a keen awareness … Read more

sustainability and profitability

Embracing Sustainability Leads to Profitability

More companies are embracing sustainability these days and discovering that not only does it improve brand reputation, but leads to profitability benefits as well. These businesses are discovering that sustainability is a great way to save money, but also to … Read more

Retail stores closing

Why are so many retail stores closing their doors?

According to Retailwire, a retailing industry online discussion forum, many North American retail chains are either closing or plan to close hundreds of underperforming stores, and some are going as far as filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

The industry … Read more


What’s Ahead in Transportation in 2016?

Several challenges exist in the transportation markets that have been top of mind for several years, including the capacity crunch and driver shortage. There are other issues that will bring about big changes in the way companies conduct business in … Read more

Complexity or Unpredictability: Which One Rules Your Supply Chain?

Life as a supply chain professional is complicated. Customers want better, faster and personalized service. Organizations want lower supply chain costs and on-time delivery. Suppliers and partners want the ability to plan and control their operations. And that’s just on … Read more