At Transportation Insight, we maintain a laser focus on our goal to be the world’s leading provider of value-based logistics. To that end, competitiveness thrives in our culture, but not without a sense of humility. The combination of these two traits creates an environment that reflects our mission, our vision and our values. We strive to create a significant competitive advantage for our clients by providing unsurpassed logistics expertise and technology, but we also deem it very important to do so with a sense of integrity and commitment to quality of service — a longing to foster continuous improvement in ourselves and our clients, and a willingness to serve others.

Commitment to Excellence

At Transportation Insight, we are committed to exceeding each client’s expectations, to solving today’s problems, and to capturing tomorrow’s possibilities. Because of that commitment, we constantly strive to improve our people, our processes, and our platform, so we can provide clients with unsurpassed satisfaction.

In the pursuit of satisfying every client, we seek honest and open communication with our clients on how to improve our offerings. Not surprisingly, many of our best innovations have come from fulfilling specific client desires and needs. At the end of the day, achieving sustained excellence comes only from committed, smart, honest people – measured by the positive results created for our clients.

I see Transportation Insight’s results firsthand in our sustained growth as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States. Simply put, Transportation Insight is the best value in the industry. Not because we say it is, but because our clients say it for us, and because our track record shows it. Thank you for your time. Now we are ready to put these words into action for you.

We want a chance to earn your trust, and I am personally committed to making our relationship successful.PT-Signature-150x93
D. Paul Thompson – Founder and Chairman

Continuous Improvement

Our culture embraces LEAN practices and continuous improvement for both our clients and for our enterprise. We focus on process improvement with long-term strategies to make your company – and ours—better, more efficient organizations.With a Shingo Prize examiner on staff, we are dedicated to simplifying procedures, increasing operational excellence and enhancing our client focus through value stream mapping and other LEAN methodologies. We offer continuous improvement courses internally to our associates and encourage them to bring ideas of “new and better” to the table. We believe the more we improve, the better we can serve our clients. Whether your partnership with us marks the beginning of your continuous improvement journey or sets the stage for your continued growth, we are committed to your success. IBL Top 12


Giving back to our community and communities around the world makes us better as a company and as individuals. We devote both financial and personal resources to organizations that focus on improving the lives of others physically and spiritually. Being involved with multiple non-profit organizations such as Samaritan’s Feet, Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Ten Thousand Homes keeps us grounded and focused on what is most important — serving others. Samaritan's FeetFCATen Thousand Homes